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Cloud Computing 365 Services

Cloud power for the Microsoft Office family. Hosted by Microsoft itself, Office 365 contains the online versions of the Office applications to which you are accustomed, and, when properly configured, you can also use it when not connected to the Internet, or when you are on a slow or shaky connection. All at a VERY attractive price point.

If you’ve been interested in cloud services but been put off by the cost, now is the time for a second look.  We recommend dipping a toe before jumping in with both feet. A free 25-user, fully functional, 30 day trial is available at:

What's in Microsoft Office 365?

In short, it contains the online cloud services your growing business or municipality needs to store and share data & documents, communicate, and collaborate.

Office 365 is simple and straightforward, yet it is a collection of offerings that you can choose from with a broad range of options. We can help with that.

Here is what you can choose from in Office 365:

Office Desktop Software
- each Office 365 license can also include the complete, enterprise-class Office Professional Plus. And being subscription-based, there is no capital expense involved like with a 'permanent' Office installation. Best of all, you will have the option to switch to future versions of Office desktop applications as they appear.

Office Web Apps
 - browser-based ability to view, share and edit your Microsoft Office documents on the web. Using virtually any device connected to the internet, view your Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote documents online and make basic edits on the go.

Exchange Online
- many less-than-giant-sized businesses are envious of the email, calendar, and contact sharing available to enterprise workplaces and would like to have those capabilities, too. Now those options are open to tech savvy individuals and small organizations without the need to install a full-featured business server.

SharePoint Online - the solution for sharing non-Outlook data between people. You can also create simple websites and maintain databases online, or create Office documents and save them directly to the cloud.

Lync Online - next-generation real-time cloud communication services. It lets you create private Instant Messaging, PC-to-PC audio and video calls, screen sharing, et cetera. If you use Skype then you are familiar with the concept. Lync is corporate-class and tightly integrated into Office and SharePoint.

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